Our portfolio of past and current clients we have:
  • 3Com Corporation, California, EUA
  • Administración Marpesca
  • American Trade Building, S.A.
  • Autoridad de Innovación Gubernamental
  • APC Buró, S.A
  • Banco General
  • Banco Nacional de Panamá
  • Boot Studio Corp
  • BTI
  • Cable Onda
  • Capatec
  • Capital Bank, S.A.
  • Conservatorio, S.A.
  • Copa Airlines (subcontrato vía Alcenit Corporation)
  • Cooperativa Profesionales, R.L.
  • Empresas Melo
  • Fundación para la promoción por la Excelencia Educativa
  • Galindo, Arias y López, Abogados
  • Global Bank
  • Grupo Eleta
  • Grupos Unidos por el Canal
  • Hache Uve, S.A
  • Indicasat
  • Medcom Corporation
  • Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio (Costa Rica)
  • Morgan & Morgan
  • Multibank
  • Procuraduría de la Administración
  • Promed, S.A.
  • Proyecto Eurolatis de la Sociedad de la Información de la Unión Europea
  • Radmas, S.A.
  • Ricardo Pérez S.A.
  • Redoxigen
  • Senacyt
  • Talleres Industriales
  • Telered, S.A.
  • Tecnología Aplicada, S.A.
  • Tribunal Electoral de Panamá
  • USMA


Some of our success stories

Online banking security tests (GB, BNP)

National Elections (TEP)

Security Platform (TELERED)

R&D (Grupo Melo)

Medcom Corporation

Big DATA analysis (Senacyt)


Cylerian Corporation is a company that has been operating in Panama since 2016 with a network of international contacts in the computer security field. Cylerian has a tool with robust technology that combines detection of malicious code (malware), SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), asset management (Asset Management), data analysis, policy monitoring (Policy Enforcement) and other critical functions for the digital health of a corporation.


Julio Escobar

Chief Executive Officer, Centauri Technologies Corporation and Co-founder, Cylerian Corporation. Has over 30 years of experience developing cutting-edge technology in various areas, including cybersecurity. He was the manager of the Advanced Internet Research Group at BBN, USA. He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Fiber and Integrated Optics and of the IEEE Networks magazine. He has directed or supervised the design and implementation of critical cybersecurity platforms of national scope in Panama. He was Secretary and Minister of Science of Panama and is a founding member of Venture Club, an angel investor club.

Vijay Akasapu

Co-founder, Cylerian Corporation. Has over 16 years of cybersecurity experience, focused on strategic security advice and incident response. He has done consulting for Fortune 100 companies while at Foundstone, McAfee, Mandiant and FireEye, where he was Senior Technical Director and responsible for professional services. He has authored reports on application vulnerabilities and has been a contributor to HackNotes, a guide to network security that provides details on cyber-attack techniques. He has been a speaker on cybersecurity at several conferences including InterOp (information technology), OWASP (free web applications) and BREW (mobile applications).