The best digital transformation is deliberate and well reasoned, making investment decisions and changes based on contextual information and the opportunities provided by the state of the art. However, that context and the state-of-the-art change rapidly. When your business takes the time to position itself technologically, a suitable combination of consulting, proofs of concept and R&D if necessary, helps reduce the uncertainty on decisions to be made.

At Centauri, for years we have been solving complex technological and managerial problems or elaborating and helping to implement digital transformation strategies. We combine executive experience, engineering achievements, high academic training and an R&D track record to position your business technologically and make it more competitive.

Our record of accomplishments includes complete digital transformations in services or businesses, including moving operations on line, digitizing entire operations, formulating e-commerce regulations, analyzing and interpreting corpora of data for decision making, automating diagnostic processes, proofs of concept for advanced information systems, system failure diagnostics and designing advanced architectures. Our staff has years of experience in advanced R&D projects as well as years of experience participating in Board of Director meetings, Executive Committees, Senior Management advisory roles and Business Management.